Things we learned at #NACEsocial

Last thursday & friday we attended the NACE Social Media Mashup (link) in Philadelphia. NACE stands for national association of colleges & employers so the audience is mostly career services personnel and corporate recruiters. It was a perfect audience to network with and show off our social resume platform. 

We took lots of video and pics. Here’s our notes from the many sessions we went to. You can follow the hashtag on twitter #NACEsocial. Our other posts from the event can be found here.



David Spector from TMP kicked it of with the Hamlet version of the Social Soliloquy (video)

His keynote was on the art and science of social media.

  • Authenticity is going to be the most important thing about your social activities. Social media is an art as well.
  • What makes people come back to your site is to have consistent and interesting content
  • Majority of facebook usage now happens on mobile
  • Dont take candidate facebook posts at face value consider the context
  • Mobile is here dont ignore that platform…mobile optimized sites
  • Repeat engagement is best way to measure success of social media
  • Facebook and twitter were college student s fav app by brand
  • By 2016 91% of college students will be using smartphones



Think of Instagram os ‘twitter for pictures’.

  • link all your other social accounts to maximize broadcast
  • run a photo contest
  • share job search tips
  • get behind the scenes look at your office
  • day in the life of employees
  • promote your instagram profile on your career site


Nancy Holland Direct Employers spoke on this topic.

  • Social Impact - Nancy’s daughter (12yr old) addicted to instagram …took a pic of instagram founder on tv commercial and posted it on instagram!
  • tablets: no other technology has penetrated so quickly…tablets took 2 years, electricity took 30 years
  • facewash app lets you clean up your facebook profile/posts by looking for offending content
  • Listen and Learn with Google alerts or SocialMention
  • 70% agree that positive posts about your company would make them more likely to apply
  • 57% of job seekers expect a company to engage on social
  • remember you dont own your linkedingroup, facebook page or its content
  • Use rss to distribute your jobs


Speaker: @laurenfriese from

  • social media for employers, ask and answer, relationship building
  • 3 types of students..engaged leaders, high potentials, unreachables
  • high potentials offer biggest opportunity
  • how they approach their careers: exploration/connection/decision
  • confused after graduation
  • once they get into college they have tougher time figuring out what they want to do…prob because “reality is a little bit closer”
  • content marketing around a career path is great branding for employers to be seen as relevant company to work for
  • show potential candidates what a career path at your company looks like
  • be genuine above all



Tutorial on hashtag use. Here’s a few resources to find hashtags.


Large insurance company sent an email blast to a few thousand people from the Honor Sourcelist/NSCS (national society college scholars)….for their leadership program, they hired 4 kids from moorehouse with that one email!


Interesting session led by @recruiterade that broke us into groups and asked us to come with what social recruiting will look like in 5 years.

  • will employers still visitcolleges or will they just use online tools to engage
  • job seekers will mobile apply in small steps, not all at once
  • Disney Bracelet…in next 5 years students could have a campus bracelet that does everything
  • social media footprint important, “social resume”
  • social get moreinteractive, centralized, more seamless into everything, brands will get more authentic
  • universal profile…need that
  • Resume are going to change…they want the whole student.
  • INfographic, portfolio etc type of resume.


Chaim Shapiro said: headline is the most important part of your Linkedin profile


Nancy Hwang

  • job queries up 25% year over year…they tracked over 1000 job searches/phrases
  • follow education sector lead when it comes to mobile sites…ITT, Everest college sites great at “getting leads”
  • Video is very social, youtube second largest search eng

Create a brand channel on Youtube. Do high quality stuff or give your intern a flipcam.

Sample employers on youtube:


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