Things I learned @college last night

Written by Chris Russell, CEO & Founder of CareerCloud LLC

I travelled to Long Island last night to speak with a group of Hofstra University students who are part of an entrepreneurship club there. The topic was The New Job Search, about how the job search process has changed over the past decade.

It was the first time I’ve ever given a talk to such a young group. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and the attentiveness of the young audience.  They listened intently as I walked them through today’s job search landscape and discussed the ways social media is changing work and the job hunt. 

Even before I spoke I was approached by a group of fraternity brothers who peppered me with questions about how to prepare for a job fair.

How Do I standout? Should I just approach the recruiter? What do I say?

I was glad they knew to ask the right questions. Their job fair was the next day and I guess they wanted to be prepared. Good for them.

After my talk almost everyone came up and thanked me for my time. One student said I even inspired him to finally get on Linkedin. ‘Here’, I said, ‘take my card, I’ll be your first connection’.

Some of the students were also working on startups of their own which was great to hear. Innovation, and the want to succeed, seems alive and well in the college ranks.

We ended the night with a quick bite to eat where I quickly learned two unimportant facts about college kids;

  • Freshman dont like the term freshman. They prefer ‘1st Years’. 
  • I noticed that beer pitchers are out, beer towers are in.

The last thing I said to them was always be learning. Your education is a lifelong process that never stops. I hope they remember those words of wisdom.


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