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My Boss sent this to me this morning - hilarious! #recruit #talentacquisition #job #howwedo

if you could…that’d be great. lol

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How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates f


Over the past few years, we’ve seen social media used in the job market in a number of ways — startups, small businesses and large corporations alike are diving into the socialverse to find top talent, and job seekers are likewise getting creative with social media.

Social media…

Social screening in action.

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Top 5 Job Boards for Graphic Designers f

Get your graphic design on!


Colleges absolutely should prepare students for the job search - and smart colleges do just that!

At Bentley University (business university in the Boston area), preparing for the job search begins freshman year, with a required, credit-bearing full semester courser on career topics. Subsequent years build on that foundation, preparing students first for internships and then to launch their careers. Bentley also offers free career services to alumni for life. It’s no wonder that Bentley boasts a 98% placement rate and is ranked #4 nationally by the Princeton Review. (I worked there until recently; can connect you with resources there if you like).

The Bush School of Government and Public Service is a graduate school at Texas A&M. First year students attend a required six-week seminar series on career-related topics, and have an initial meeting with their career advisor within the first couple of months. This meeting establishes what the student seeks, and how Career Services can guide and be a resource to reach their goals.

The bottom line is that the job hunt process has changed. Having a spiffy resume, elevator pitch, and canned responses to interview questions won’t cut it anymore. These days students must know and confidently express their ROI based on strengths, experience and education (both schools use assessments to help students discern strengths). The successful job seeker can quickly decipher a job posting to the pertinent skills required, and build a compelling case detailing how their credentials exactly match employer needs. Students need to create a strategic plan to market their unique selves to their target audience. They need to be savvy networkers and LinkedIn users (this means they are active, posting updates and participating in key groups), and spend little or no time on job boards.

Effective Career Services departments are current and social network-savvy. They coach students through the creation of a strategic job search plan. We recognize this is a paradigm shift in the job search process, and that it takes time and expertise.


Marilyn Santiesteban, when asked if colleges should require job search courses

Assistant Director, Career Services

Bush School of Government & Public Service

Texas A&M University

Fusion Alliance is using InstaJob

We’d like to welcome a new company to our InstaJob app. Make your jobs into visual hiring ads with our handy app for iOS & Android. 

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EmployeeScreenIQ and CareerCloud Announce Strategic Marketing Partnership f

We’re proud to partner up with EmployeeScreen IQ.


6 High Level Tips for Your Job Search

The wish to find a job is often not enough for fulfilling your dream. Job search site has six tips that will help you in your search to find your dream job.

Imagine that your job search is your job.

Job search - this is your job, and you are your boss. This work should be taken seriously, and you should not spare any time and effort on it.

Try to learn more skills and helpful knowledge.

Today, special skills and knowledge are in demand, especially, the computer literacy. Try to master the most essential skills that may be required when you will start working on the position you are now interested in. You must master these skills before you start competing with other applicants for the required work.

Set a goal.

Before you begin to look for work, consider what kind of work you want to find. Your interests, education, career choices, as well as financial and other needs (some special conditions, for example, your willingness to change the place of residence) can be the basis for this solution. In order to understand these purposes, you might want to talk to people, to work with the consultants in the field of professional career or to compare different work places, working there as a temporary worker.

Try to understand your real position in the labor market.

Try to be as objective as possible, determining your value as an employee. For example, you can determine the level of competition in your area of ​​interest on the labor market (i.e. the ratio of the number of vacancies and the number of potential candidates for these workplaces). You must be ready to change or expand your goals, if the level of competition is too high.

Make a proper resume, focusing on your qualifications and real achievements.

Your resume must be something more than just a list of previous places of work and positions. Focus on your qualifications, real achievements and qualities, which may be of interest for a potential employer.

The plan of your actions must be sufficiently flexible regarding the search for job vacancies.

Remember that you must use all available options to find jobs. For example:

- search through an intermediary (acquaintances, recruitment agencies, employment services);

- search in-house (newspapers, telephone directories, radio, television, Internet);

Network, network and network.

Set a rule to do the following every day: call, send letters or meet with at least three people with whom you have not communicated yet and who may give you some useful information about vacancies or to recommend you as a professional in your field.

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Advice on how to find a job with a startup company (video)

Some people are more comfortable with working for bigger companies in a more corporate environment. Others however do better working at smaller startups where they can learn more and tend to wear many hats.

Nina Parr, who we recently interviewed on our podcast about relocation, gave us a shoutout in her recent video about how to find jobs at a startup. So check out her video and don’t forget to visit for more info.

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DO YOU QUALIFY? (hat tip to Chris Hoyt for posting this)

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Recruiter Demand Rises While HR Demand Drops


Demand for recruiters is rising as employers emboldened by improving economic signals in the U.S. and globally add new jobs, only to find it ever more difficult to hire the workers they want. Wanted Analytics says the number of online job listings for recruiters rose 4.5 percent in August from the same 30-day period a […]

Recruiter rising!

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How one guy sneaks out of work early

You’ve probably all done it or at least thought about sneaking out of work early. Well, we polled our readers to find out how they did it. Here’s the best story we got back. He writes;

I use props and process rather than excuses.

A sport coat hung on my chair, an open briefcase and a fresh cup of coffee
on my desk, wallpaper on my desktop that is a screen shot of a word
document in process or a spreadsheet in the works, then a quick walk
through the office asking my coworkers a few mundane questions about an
upcoming project, then out the door when no one is looking.

"Where’s Keith?"

"Oh, gee, I just saw him a minute ago…"

Thanks for sharing ‘Keith’. You also might want to keep your things like backpack & jacket in the car and keep keys in your pocket. Make it look like you are still there. Lol.

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3 big seasonal job announcements

Got jobs? These companies do. As the holidays approach we are about to get a slew of seasonal job announcements. Here’s the first roundup.

1. UPS to hire as many as 95,000. That jobs number just might take a few percentage points right off the unemployment rate! FULL ARTICLE >

2. FedEx to hire 50,000 for holiday season. Thats 10,000 more than year. FULL ARTICLE >

3. Halloween City will create over 10,000 temporary jobs. Who can say Boo to that number? FULL ARTICLE >

Want more job leads like these? Just visit and you can get email alerts for any state. Its like radar for new jobs.

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3 Great Looking Resumes - Part 1

The visual look of a resume is one of the most critical aspects of its success. It need to look good in order to stand out. So we started trolling the interwebs for some of the best looking resumes from a design standpoint. Here’s the first three. And if you want a cool looking social resume, click here.







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