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Uk based recruiter Mag covered the launch

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5 job boards you should be checking but aren’t

You’ve all heard of sites like Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder for job searching. But there are many other national sites that could help you get hired faster. Here’s our list of the top 5 job boards that you also add to your job search.

1. - they aggregate jobs from only company websites and link you to them.

2. Ziprecruiter - they distribute jobs for companies but you can also search them and get email alerts.

3. Jobtarget - search thousands of jobs from professional associations.

4. BullhornReach - used by thousands of staffing firms you can search/browse all listings and see who posted them.

5. CareerCast - jobs from hundreds of niche/local publisher sites.

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Awesome Interview Tips

With Ericka Spradley from My Next Level. She breaks down the interview basics, talks about the behavioral interview and much more in this informative episode of CCR.

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Some of the questions we’ll tackle in this episode include:

  • To many people an interview is an interview….What is behavioral interviewing?

  • When contacted for an interview, what should the job seeker expect (bare minimum)?

  • What would you say is the biggest challenge job seekers have when preparing for an interview?

  • What’s the first step for someone who hasn’t interviewed in a while or who lacks experience when interviewing?

  • What would you say is the secret to interviewing successfully?

  • What makes a response effective?

  • What makes a response ineffective?

  • how do you know if the interview went well?

  • Interviews make employment candidates nervous. What advice would you give to help someone with their confidence?

For more episodes like this visit the CareerCloud Radio page.

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Anatomy of a Great Twesume


Caitlin Smith a talent acquisition manager from the state of Washington has a great Twesume. We broke down what makes it so effective. 


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Latest hidden job leads

The team at CareerCloud compiles these job leads each day M-F. Read them all at We consider them “hidden” since most have not been posted online yet. 

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How Laurel Lindsay Recruits with Social Media

Sometimes practical lessons work best when it comes to social recruiting. So we asked around on one of our favorite G+ social media communities about how people use social media to recruit.

Laurel Lindsay, Founder of The New Media Group in Western Canada was kind enough to give us some great answers. 

"I searched by hashtag/keyword and then invited/DM’d any applicants that looked like good potential to apply. Also- writing a really unique job description and asking people to share. That worked for me too as one of the posts went viral :)

She found a wordpress whisperer (view job description) on twitter, a graphic designer on instagram and an office ninja (view job) on Facebook.

We also have to compliment her on the fun job titles, nice touch! When asked what advice she has for other employers, she writes;

"Businesses need to be active on social and have a network of engaged community members to advocate for them and spread the word about job opportunities. In order for sharing to be viable Employers need to write a compelling job descriptions and ask for it to be shared. Last but not least be prepared to actively search for and communicate with candidates on social."

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3 tips for older job seekers

3 tips for older job seekers for you to consider. Submitted by's CMO, and co-founder, Stephanie Ciccarelli.


1. When interviewing, let the employer see your great attitude and earnest desire to learn about how you could be of service in the role you are applying for.

2. Be realistic in your expectations and recognize that although you may have been in the workforce for a long time, you’ve just entered their place of business, are the newest person there and quite likely the least knowledgeable in terms of what the company does, how they do it and the company’s culture.

3. An entitlement mentality is not an attractive mindset for any employer. See each job interview as an opportunity to start again with new adventures in store. You can say how much you want to be making but realize that it may take a little time and some proven results before you get there.

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Career Cloud Launches Twitter Job Search Engine, f covers the Jobcritters launch

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10 things about Linkedin you didnt know


10 Status Update Ideas for Linkedin

Hannah Morgan is known as the CareerSherpa, she is a Job Search, Career and Social Media Strategist and has been a guest on this show several times over the years so lets give her a nice welcome back as she gives you ten ideas for sharing on your Linkedin status update. Read her post.


Stay tuned at the end for advice on how often you should be posting as well. Connect with her on twitter @careersherpa.

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A Few More Recruiting Startups to Watch: Opening, JobCritters, Knozen, Internly


This post originally appeared on  As mentioned before, out of Brazil, another startup (what else, right?) is blooming. “There’s competition … every day we find a different one,” Joel Stern, a recruiter, says about human resources technology startups. “But no one has the market cornered.” Stern is creating a startup of his own, one […]

In the news…

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CareerCloud Launches Jobcritters to leverage Twitter for Job search

What if twitter had a job board? Thats the question we asked ourselves when we starting building the best way to search, share and save jobs you see on twitter. Read the press release or check it out now.

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T-mobile is using InstaJob!

Welcome to the club guys!

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The Oakland PD is using InstaJob!

The Oakland Police Department is the latest employer to begin using InstaJob to visualize their jobs on social media. We’d like to welcome them to the team!

In fact they are the first law enforcement agency anywhere in the country to use our app. Kudos to them. Here’s a few of their pics.

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