How one guy sneaks out of work early

You’ve probably all done it or at least thought about sneaking out of work early. Well, we polled our readers to find out how they did it. Here’s the best story we got back. He writes;

I use props and process rather than excuses.

A sport coat hung on my chair, an open briefcase and a fresh cup of coffee
on my desk, wallpaper on my desktop that is a screen shot of a word
document in process or a spreadsheet in the works, then a quick walk
through the office asking my coworkers a few mundane questions about an
upcoming project, then out the door when no one is looking.

"Where’s Keith?"

"Oh, gee, I just saw him a minute ago…"

Thanks for sharing ‘Keith’. You also might want to keep your things like backpack & jacket in the car and keep keys in your pocket. Make it look like you are still there. Lol.

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3 big seasonal job announcements

Got jobs? These companies do. As the holidays approach we are about to get a slew of seasonal job announcements. Here’s the first roundup.

1. UPS to hire as many as 95,000. That jobs number just might take a few percentage points right off the unemployment rate! FULL ARTICLE >

2. FedEx to hire 50,000 for holiday season. Thats 10,000 more than year. FULL ARTICLE >

3. Halloween City will create over 10,000 temporary jobs. Who can say Boo to that number? FULL ARTICLE >

Want more job leads like these? Just visit and you can get email alerts for any state. Its like radar for new jobs.

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3 Great Looking Resumes - Part 1

The visual look of a resume is one of the most critical aspects of its success. It need to look good in order to stand out. So we started trolling the interwebs for some of the best looking resumes from a design standpoint. Here’s the first three. And if you want a cool looking social resume, click here.







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Reason #3 job hunting is like dating.

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A Case For Reinventing Job Descriptions



I recently had an opportunity to speak at Glassdoor’s inaugural Employer Branding Summit. I made the case that corporate recruiting is still rooted in dated practices, and explored what recruiting might look like if it was built from the ground up today.

One of the points we discussed was job descriptions, and the fact that they’re one of the least evolved tools in our corporate recruiting tool…

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We’re with you on this one. Time for the next gen job description to appear.

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Career Coach Roy Cohen Discusses Job Search Relocation

As a career coach and best-selling author, clients often reach out to me for job search support and advice. In this ever-changing job market, relocation is a topic that always gets raised. It may not be an option for many but it must still be explored.


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A few thoughts: - It always helps to be closer to the location where you hope, or intend, to work…especially in this still very competitive job market.

The key is to convey that you are committed to the move; that you are sincere about your desire to live in the city and that you are not viewing the job “opportunistically”, i.e., job first, city second or third.

- How to demonstrate conviction? Having a local address is great, at least initially, but it still makes the logistics of interviewing an enormous challenge. My recommendation, always, is to remove your address and any other identifying geographic data-points that make it easy to pin down where you are actually located. But leave the cell phone number. It only shows where you may have been, not where you are now.

- One of my clients is currently planning to move to Seattle. She is determined to find a job there. Because she owns real estate in New Jersey and is still employed in NYC, her ability to “be there” is impossible. However, she has made several scouting trips using vacation time to meet with and expand her network and she has also built a dynamic local community via LinkedIn.. When it is clear that you mean business about the move people are more inclined to respond and to share resources. It is also flattering and reaffirming to them that you are excited about living where they chose to live.

- Ease of job search and the ability to manage over a long distance are also tied directly to supply and demand. If what you do is professionally “hot” making the move is rather simple. It is far more complicated in a highly competitive or shrinking industry or when you want to make a career change. My background briefly: I am a career counselor and executive coach, and considered an expert in job search and in managing “life” at work. In addition to numerous media appearances (The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CNN, HuffPost Live, etc) and frequent quotes, I serve on the advisory board of Men’s Fitness Magazine and I was selected last August as the official career coach for the movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler. I am also the author of the best-selling career book, The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide.

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CareerCloud Helps The HT Group go Mobile

We are pleased to announce our newest client, The HT Group from Austin, Texas. The staffing firm asked us to create a mobile friendly experience for their company career site,

We kept the mobile site to a very compact 6 pages comprised of the most important pages including contact info, blog headlines and job listings. Their clients can even click the “Call Us Now" button to quickly dial the company. 

So if you need to hire or look for a job in the Austin area, give The HT Group a click or a call! And if your firm needs a mobile friendly site just let us know.

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Pipe and Steel Personnel is Hiring Accountants in Texas f

Everything’s bigger in Texas, even accountants with pipes! #nowhiring

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List of the top social sources of traffic to

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How to get your resume noticed.

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Web Apps You Should Be Using in the Job Hunt

More and more companies are turning to online recruiting, and it’s easier than ever for job seekers to find open positions all over the world. This influx of postings is great. But it also means applicants need better ways to organize and streamline the job search process.

It’s nearly impossible to keep up with multiple job sites and application deadlines without a helping hand. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful websites and web apps available to job hunters. Use these sites to get the information, resources and organizational tools you need to find – and land – the job you want.
The Muse is a website that provides career advice, online classes and more. While The Muse includes a large job search database, that’s not what makes the site so appealing. It has a resource section with timely and informational articles and videos, making it the perfect place for any job seeker to start the day. You can browse company profiles, read great career advice and even access a variety of online tools. The Muse keeps you up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry, as well as best practices for resumes and applications. You can also find dozens of links to free templates and other tools. 

1-Page Proposals
The typical application process involves a resume and a cover letter. But resumes aren’t the only way to show off your skills to employers. Job seekers can use 1-Page to create job proposals as a unique way to reach out to employers. The online tool looks at your skills, experience and goals, and helps you create proposals for companies in your industry. Your proposal is then delivered to the recruiters and businesses that best fit your skills and goals. 1-Page Proposals doesn’t only help you create a proposal – it evaluates common challenges within your industry and helps you discover how you could be a solution. 1-Page allows you to present a clear picture of yourself, your skills and your experience to recruiters and employers – and it helps you show employers exactly what you can do to help them with existing issues.

What makes Proven different from other online tools and websites? Personalization and scope. Proven provides consultants to help you find the right jobs for your skills, and it allows you to store multiple resumes and cover letters so you can quickly apply for any job. Most job seekers are applying to more than one position, and each job requires a resume tweaked to its individual requirements. Proven’s web-based and mobile applications allow you to apply to positions anytime, anywhere. The site also helps you track the resumes you’ve sent and jobs you’ve applied for. Proven’s job search database includes listings from popular sites like Monster, SimplyHired and Craigslist.

Hidden Jobs
CareerCloud’s very own Hidden Jobs app is one of the best job sites on the market. Hidden Jobs isn’t your typical job search database. Instead, it tracks and posts hiring announcements from newspapers, online media and press releases to provide job seekers the most comprehensive and up-to-date job listings. Hidden Jobs allows job seekers to find the positions that aren’t advertised or posted online, helping them get ahead of the competition. The database also includes companies in your area that may be hiring soon, so even if you can’t apply just yet, you can start researching the company and tweaking your resume.

Maybe you already have a great career, but you want a little extra money – or experience – on the side.  Snagajob is a great resource for finding hourly jobs in the retail, communications, hospitality and food industries. You can get a part-time job driving for a limousine company, or answer phones after-hours for a physician. If you’re a teacher or student on summer vacation, you can find a full-time summer job as a customer service rep or cashier. The site also lists higher-paying jobs like traveling nurses, research assistants and other temporary positions. If you need a way to pay the bills while you search for your dream job – or you’re just looking for something to do on the side – this is a great site for you to visit.

Struggling to keep track of multiple applications? ApplyMate is a free web-based service that helps you organize and track a large number of applications and due dates. The program allows you to find an open position, submit an application or resume, and even keep track of important deadlines. The site can sync with all of your calendars and send you reminders, so you don’t miss important due dates. You can see multiple applications in one dashboard view, and use the app to follow up with recruiters or employers after you apply.

Applying for jobs is never easy – especially when you’re dealing with multiple positions, applications, deadlines and interviews at the same time. These sites and apps can help you land your next job without wasting valuable time. It’s amazing what a little organization and a few online tools can do for your job search.

What websites and apps have you used when looking for a job?

Abby Perkins is Managing Editor at Talent Tribune, a blog dedicated to all things

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Job hunting is like dating #2

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Lol, #careercoach funnies.

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15 Practical Tips to find a Job in another state f

Relocation and your job search.

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