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Download 275 Free Resume Templates for Microsoft Word
… A good resume can land you that job interview, so you want to stand out. If formatting a resume isn’t your thing, Hloom has 275 free Microsoft Word templates to download. …

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These are helpful, but don’t make your resume too “Template-y.” Also, be aware that resumes uploaded to Applicant Tracking Systems often use OCRs that don’t read columns well.

Free résumé templates

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Top 15 National Job Sites (podcast)

You’re probably only using a few national job sites in your job search but there are actually a much greater of sites you should be checking in order to maximize your search. Listen as we breakdown the top 15 national job sites.

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CareerCloud Radio Hits All-time High in Downloads

According to our podcast host, Hipcast, our career advice podcast series has hit a new high of 1,800 downloads per day! We’d like to thank all our loyal listeners for your support. Stay tuned in September for new shows with tips on relocating for a job.

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Recruiting My Friends


♫ “I get by with a little help from my friends.” 

Employee referrals are the top source of hire. In fact, 88% of employers say employee referrals are the #1 source of ‘above average candidates. Social networks of changed how employee referrals function.  The influential person needs to DM, Facebook Message, or LinkedIn message the right talent at the time. Learn the stats of employee referrals with the help of The Beatles:

Recruiting My Friends

from SmartRecruiters Blog

Jobs with friends

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Nice smooth design. Very clean. Points to you for readability. Here are some things for improvement:

  • MS office, XP, OSX are not really something one should claim proficiency in. Unless, of course, you know how to build network, write macros, and do things like kerning. Get rid of that nonsense. 
  • Focus on your experience with Adobe products and provide a link to your portfolio. Show accomplishments.

Here are writing issues:

  • Inconsistent capitalization.
  • "…brought a lot of experience in…" is poor grammar.
Again, not a bad resume—especially for someone as early career as you are.


hey y’all its my resume


From the archives.

Résumé critique

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How To Find Your Hiring Manager Using LinkedIn f

Some good tips here to uncover who you might be working for.

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3 tips for job seekers who want to re-locate to another state

Are you looking to relocate to another state to find work? Here’s a few tips to make your relocation easier.

1. Create a short pitch (for interviews, networking and cover letters) that
intelligently and plausibly explains why you want to relocate. Companies
want to know that you’re moving due to intelligent and adult motives—such as relocating to be with a spouse or a partner, or to return home to take care of aged parents—as opposed to people who are on the run from
themselves, people who are constantly relocating because they can’t commit to anything. You’re asking a company in another state to financially invest in you, you need to have a valid reason, from a hiring manager’s POV, to choose you above someone who is already in state. You’re also going to need this info to convince someone to network on your behalf. Present as you wish to be perceived.

2. Identify a list of companies in your new state, and, working backwards
from those companies, create a list of people you know at those companies, whom you can approach. Create this list from LinkedIn connections, Facebook friends, relatives, friends of the family. Also great to join your college and/or grad school alumni network, and ask for their help in finding alumni at those companies, as well as leads on other companies you probably haven’t thought about. Many alumni associations nowadays will give you a free consultation, you just need to join your alumni association and ask for help.

3. Join your college/grad schools’ LinkedIn alumni group(s), and place a
general yet organized posting in those groups asking if any of the members happen to have any leads in whatever industry you’re interested in, and give your email. Make your pitch short and well-reasoned, allow people to help you, by making it clear what type of help you’re looking for.

These tips submitted by Carlotta Zimmerman, social media expert from New York. Learn more about her on her website.

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Today’s job hunter…


4.67 Million US Job Openings is Highest Total Since 2001 f


WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. employers in June advertised the most monthly job openings in more than 13 years.

Employers posted 4.67 million jobs in June, up 2.1 percent from May’s total of 4.58 million, the Labor Department reported Tuesday. The number of advertised openings was the highest since…

Good job market news

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Who’s about to hire? These Companies Are

New job announcements from Nike in Oregon, Xerox in PA, DraftKings in NY/Boston, Tribridge in Florida and hundreds more job leads across the USA.


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